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With Tig and Fauna, Time: 8:05AM:

I smiled at tig. I saw my brother coming up to me he was awake and whispered "Mañana la hermana !" He was speaking Spanish and smiled. Tig tilted his head I said "My brother said: Morning Sister!. He was speaking Spanish." Tig nodded understanding. I replied to my brother "Mañana hermano pequeño !" which meant; Morning little brother! in Spanish. Tig tilted his head again, I said to tig "I said Hi little brother. In Spanish Tig." Tig nodded. Cody said "Voy a volver a dormir , nos vemos más tarde la hermana !" and walked away. Tig sighed "Translation please?". I laughed quietly and said "My little brother just said: I am going to go back to sleep, see you later sister!". Tig nodded and laughed quietly. "Hmm.. I wonder what I wanna play today.. Maybe Prohunt?" I said looking at tig. Tig shrugged "Sure. But It's a bit early.. I like spring in the morning to be honest.. Its very pretty.". I nodded "Very." I sat down on a bench waiting for the shop to open... It was 9:05 and the shop opened but I was waiting for tig, he said he'd be right back.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tig Filter~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"This one please." Tig said. The shop keeper nodded and gave tig the item, Tig looked through more items. "Those two, to please." Tig asked and the shopkeeper gave him the items "Anything else?" The shopkeeper asked nicely. Tig nodded "Hmm..." he looked around "That one. The blue and white one please.". The Shopkeeper nodded "Here ya go. Anything else Tig?". "Nope that'll be all thanks!" Tig said paying the shopkeeper and walking away. "Hmm, I wonder what he bought all the furs for. Or WHO. But. It's none of my business." The shopkeeper murmured.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tig Filter OFF~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I saw tig walking back here "Hey! What were you doing?" I asked. Tig smiled and gave me the furs he bought, 1 was white and fluffy, the second was a snowleopard fur, the third was a leopard fur, and the last one was a light blue and white fluffy fur. I smiled "thanks tig! Your very nice!" I said hugging tig and putting the furs away, I walked with Tig. It was about 10:05AM by now. People in transformice were still asleep. Yesterday was a busy day, so I can see why people were still asleep. I walked over to a shop that was somewhere near us. "I'll be right back." I said to tig. Tig nodded and sat down waiting.

I came out of the shop wearing the fluffy white and light blue fur tig got me "Ok, let's go." . I stared at tig who was staring like he'd forgotten how to speak "Uh, Tig? You okay?" I said. Tig shook his head "Sorry. Just daydreaming about something.". I nodded and we continued to walk. My bell necklace jingled (its like the old bell that has a crack in it, but the necklace bell my mouse is wearing doesn't have a crack XD). I looked around at the different module rooms "Where is.." I mumbled and saw it "There!" I said running over to a place with big letters that spelled "PROP HUNT".  Tig followed me and gulped as if he didn't know how to play. I walked inside. I explained the rules to Tig and then he looked a lot more confident. There were about 5 other mice there. I was sham first up I waited.. Then I looked for the props. I got 5 mice then time was up. Tig hid pretty well.. He found me at the beginning of the round. We had left and I had went to Survivor and brought Tig along.

The round started. I jumped over to sham and she meeped making me land on the platform above the sham. I looked down at Tig who was trying to dodge the cannons. He ran over to sham and sham meeped him and I grabbed his paw and helped him onto the the platform I was standing on and I sat down. After about 5 rounds Tig and I walked to my tribe house. He looked as if he wanted to say something but stopped. He smiled, waved, and left..
2 be continued.

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January 4, 2016
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